Inclusion & Diversity

“We are committed to fostering an environment where people are able to bring their full and best selves to work, and are empowered to contribute to Allianz’s success.” 

Niran Peiris, Member of the Allianz SE Board of Management and Chairperson of the Global Inclusion Council

Inclusion & Diversity

We at Allianz believe in a diverse and inclusive workforce. Employing people from different backgrounds and making them feel they belong is a  major driving force behind our success.

Our Global Inclusion Council ensures the implementation of a diversity strategy in all Allianz entities. It is chaired by Niran Peiris, Allianz SE board member, and has been in place since 2007. In addition, some Allianz entities have set up local councils.

The Global Inclusion Council also monitors the implementation of Inclusion & Diversity plans within Allianz Group. The Group Head of Inclusion helps to coordinate the various programs and sees to it that they are in line with Allianz goals.



Globally, our target for women in Boards of Management is 25% and 40% in talent pools by the end of 2021.

At Allianz SE, the group‘s headquarter, and Allianz Germany, our biggest entitiy, we have committed to achieve at least 20% in the first and 30% in the second tiers below the Boards of Management by the end of 2021.

A diverse and inclusive workforce strengthens our business. Diversity and inclusion at all levels of Allianz are crucial for an innovative and customer-centric company.



Employee networks – or resource groups – give individuals a sense of community and the chance to network with colleagues based on a shared identity or experience, as well as with their “friends & allies”. However, the networks also offer the business a great opportunity to consult with them for, e.g., product development questions or communications. They are an important partner for raising awareness, advocating change and setting the diversity agenda.