Our Culture & behavioral principles

The world around us is changing rapidly and financial services along with it. The Renewal Agenda makes sure we keep building on our strong foundations and reinforce our leading position by focusing our efforts in five fields of action: True Customer Centricity, Digital by Default, Technical Excellence, Growth Engines and Inclusive Meritocracy.

Inclusive Meritocracy is our target culture

We believe, our culture has to evolve towards a more agile, customer-oriented and collaborative mindset. Inclusive Meritocracy at Allianz can be described by three principles.
in a culture of Inclusive Meritocracy
count and define individual performance at Allianz
set the aspiration for how each and every one of us should act

The People Attributes

By living the People Attributes we shape THE HOME FOR THOSE WHO DARE

We recruit, develop, promote and reward those who live the People Attributes. With leadership trainings, a feedback culture and career mobility programs we foster open communication, collaboration across borders and diversity of minds.

Our ambition as employer is to become the HOME for those who DARE.

is the solid foundation we can build on - a friendly and caring work environment. By demonstrating Collaborative Leadership and Trust, we create a real HOME.
is the key to the challenges we all face every day. Digitalization and fundamental changes in customer expectations or demography disrupt the insurance industry and make us rethink our business. Striving for Customer & Market Excellence and Entrepreneurship we create a culture that encourages our employees to DARE.

Daring minds living the People Attributes at Allianz


Dare to embrace innovation!

Oliver dared to try out his start-up at Allianz X.

Customer & Market Excellence

Dare to strive for customer excellence!

Mirella dared to include customers in product development.


Dare to act transparently!

Sarah dared to trust without having all market knowledge.

Collaborative Leadership

Dare to collaborate beyond boundaries!

Angelica dared to bring six Allianz entities to collaborate.

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