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Sustainability Report 2018


Nov 22, 2019

The Allianz Climate Risk Research Award supports scientific research that improves our understanding of climate change-related risks. The 2019 Award focuses on how science can help insurers deal with extreme weather and climate risks.

Sep 23, 2019

A group of the world’s largest pension funds and insurers created a platform to enable transitioning their investment portfolio to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Jul 19, 2019

For the second time, Allianz will host a day dedicated to social impact. On July 19th, inspiring speakers, impact investors, foundations, social businesses and entities will join us for exciting discussions.
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Allianz is one of the strongest financial communities in the world. We provide employment for over 142,000 people. Some 92 million customers in more than 70 markets rely on our insurance products and funds for their financial wellbeing. In 2018, our income tax contribution around the world was 2.2 billion Euros, thereby enabling public spending in education, housing, medical care, etc. 

By the very nature of what we do - protecting people and businesses against risk - we contribute to our customers' long-term financial wellbeing and to stabilizing local economies. Insurance is one of the key ways by which we limit the impacts of climate risks and compensate for climate-related damages. The higher the level of insurance coverage a country has, the more resilient it is to extreme natural events. Furthermore, following an extreme weather event such as a flood or hurricane, insurance payments are often a fast and reliable solution to help victims recover quickly, preventing them from falling into, or deepter into, poverty. 

We are focused on supporting low-income customers in Asia, Africa and South America to close the gap for people who need access to low-cost financial services. Digitalization is enabling more and more people to access insurance as we embrace the opportunities through our Digital by Default strategy, implemented with our Renewal Agenda

But it's not just through our core business that we contribute to sustainable economic growth; we are also focused on breaking down barriers to social inclusion for a better, more productive future. That is why, in 2016, we made social inclusion one of the three priorities of our Corporate Responsibility Strategy.

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